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released November 11, 2016



all rights reserved


RIZAL Bali, Indonesia

Rizal Abdulhadi is a uniquely talented multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, instrument builder and social activist.

Rizal harnessed his knowledge of Bamboo material to develop his unique and innovative instrument called the Rasendriya. It combines guitar with didgeridoo and celempung (percussion). Rizal’s latest project is his Bamboo Lapsteel Guitar & Strings instrument.
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Track Name: Life & Love
Life, your dreams thoughts and lessons
Life how many dreams you been dreaming
Life how many thoughts left for wond’ring
Life how many lesson left for learning

Love, forgiveness mistakes and sharing
Love, have you shared your forgiveness
Love, have you forgiven your mistakes
Love, have you shared --all your life

Yes the most important is compromise
All beings must learn to harmonise
at the start of every brand new day
The sun never forgets to rise
Track Name: Better Time (ft. Ivy Stone)
Better time

Its a brand new day
From the east the sun rises up
Dew is still glowing on the grass
As Clear as glass

Little flower blooming
In our backyard
The tiny coccoon becomes a butterfly
And the plants keep on growing

It’s a sunny day
The sunshine is kissing your skin
Here its always summertime
The place for a better time
Track Name: Hope (ft. Matajiwa)
Inside us it rises
A yearning desire

On this trampled earth, people losing faith
A desperate need for a collective race
To hear the earth’s wisdom, not lost yet
Just covered by the richest one percent

And inside us it rises
A yearning desire

to feel the movement move
to smash the glass up on the roof
to end the violence that’s firing
to hear the chorus of the people sing

That there is some hope, to keep us strong
Cherish that hope, to keep us alive

Together to Earth, we sing this prayer
That your dying remains will renew again
From the war that humanity has raged
We pray for your body that’s wasting away

And inside us it rises
A yearning desire
Track Name: Count Me Out
If you are planning to man this planet with men
Who can't look after our Mother Nature,
If the plan is to feed the rich and starve the poor,
To build more cities and burn the trees we breath.

Then count me out - are you crazy?
Count me out cos I'm not playing
Yeah count me out - I'm not crazy
Count me out cos I'm not paying.

Build your dreams, build your dreams,
or you will be hired to build
the Bank's dream.

If the plan is to concrete jungle my wonderland
Digging massive holes to make your plastic wasteland
If the government wants me to be fearful
And believe big-business war-loving lies.

Build your dreams, build your dreams,
or you will be hired to build
the Bank's dream.
Track Name: It Doesn't Take ALot
It doesn’t take alot

To be a good guy
To love your brother
To care for mother nature
To be the right you

To help your sister
To speak your mind
To plant the seed
To just say no

Time to confess that more is less
Dont just float trough this mess

time to cross the feeling fine line

mind your manners
to protest the wrong
to find your way
To be the right you

to feel the groove
to make a diffrent
to shake the system
to just say no
Track Name: Curiosity (ft. Krisna Mangroove)
This is my curiosity
This is my curiosity
About the greedy people and their silly action
Mining land, sleight of hand
And destroying our earth mountains

This is my curiusity
About the cruel people and thier thoughts of the world
Loving war, killing man, its seems
Colonialism is all that they want

Why are they not thinking
Life should be harmonius
Respecting mother earth
Loveing people all around the world

Sejatinya manusia saling menjaga saling membela
Mengharhargai alam raya
Lantas kerakusan lahir dengan tak diharapkan
Menguasai merajalela menginjak yang lemah
Hingga kini mengiyakan kompetisi
Segala galanya terkapitalisasi
Tuan pemodal rakus tanpa basa basi
Pertambangan dikeruk dihabisi
Membesarkan perut bucit sendiri
Sikecil diinjak ditindas tanpa hati
Hey bangun bangun sluruh anak negri
Mari bersama kembali ke tradisi
bergotong royong menggapai revolusi
Saling menghargai dan mencintai
Menciptakan masadepan indah di bumi
Untuk anak cucu kita kelak nanti
Track Name: Lost In Time
immers me in in and unleash my mind
find me in, in the land lost in time
scrabed in sounds, worlds to explore
wandering journey from the ears to the soul
Track Name: To Find Out (ft. Cellomano)
I can see your love
In the shadow of the moon
your beautiful eyes shine
And delighfull soul

And i can see your light
In the shadow of the moon
I can hold your hands
But I need to let you go

Let you go,
watch you grow
On your way to find out
Track Name: Merindu
Hujan sore telah mereda
Daun basah pun tersenyum
Kita duduk berdua
Merangkai cerita

Semerbak Wangi kopi
Tertuangan di angan angan
Mereguk secangkir
Yang kita sebut cinta

Meredam rindu
Meredam resah
Menyulam ingatan dikepala

Meredam rindu
Meredam resah
Menyulam segenggam bahagia

Kini kau tlah disini
Langit Senja pun merona
Berjanji slalu ceria dan tak sendu lagi

Harapan telah terpancar
warnai indah nya hidup
Melukis secarik Yang kita sebut cinta
Track Name: Terrorised Nation (ft. Sebatierra)

Big up the fight for your rights, my brother.
Join in and dance all the night, my sister.

Verse 1:
Fussing and fighting, bombing and killing
Robbing and raping, terrorised nation.
Hurting and hating, scaring the fearful
Downtrodden workers, terrorised people.


Verse 2:
Freedom from war, freedom from hate
Drowning our souls, terrorised nation.
Freedom from sickness, freedom from cold
Can't read or write, terrorised people.


Verse 3:
Bashings from bullies, media mind power
Taxing the poor, terrorised nation.
Gagging the good, kicking and screaming
Stand up and fight, terrorised people.